Mammalz – one for Terri

Y’know, I have a tiny readership, and rather than emailing posts to people I’m going to try blogging them instead, with the faint hope of sharing more widely. I’ll use first names only, unless it’s a public thing like this post for Dan. Anyway, in the local paper there’s news of a local startup – […]

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Magic Eraser Juice | Hazlitt

This is an astonishingly good piece of writing. I cannot recommend it enough. Found via HackerNews, which has a decent comment thread going on. They say heroin is amazing. It’s a cheat code. That it’s better than any other feeling that you’ve ever had up until that moment. Everything you’ve ever tried for, every […]

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One for Dan

Via Electrek, that’s the Australian-made Fonzarelli NKD electric motorcycle. Looks a quirky and versatile ride according to Electrek, though of course more expensive than the China-made competition like the CSC City Slicker. One of these days I’ll convince my better half and buy a Zero… (Who’s Dan? Dan Fock, of course, my mate from OWC.)

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Omega calibre 59.8D 1940s clock

N.B. – this is another save from the blog entries. The clock itself is rare and interesting and beautifully made. Last updated Jul 13, 2013 by Paul Hubbard A very unusual find on ebay UK: Here’s what I’ve been able to find so far: Made in the 1940s for a UK storeFrom TZ-UK:Model created in 1936 and specifically designed […]

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You should buy an aircraft clock

Yes, YouShouldBuy is now a tag here. It suits me. This post is hand-reposted from the WatchOtaku site after discovering that blog posts will be lost; this one was worth the effort of saving. Buy yourself an aircraft clock Created by Paul HubbardLast updated Aug 05, 2013 The Story Until Now, and What I’m looking for I’ve […]

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For several years, I created and maintained a Wiki-based site called It was a fun exercise, and I still like how well wikis work for this sort of heavily-lined content, but as of Sep 2019 I’ve taken it down. I exported the entire site as HTML and am hosting it for your reference on my […]

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