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Beyond Burned Out

1. Unsustainable workload

2.Perceived lack of control

3. Insufficient rewards for effort

4. Lack of a supportive community

5. Lack of fairness

6. Mismatched values and skills

Beyond Burned Out

Interesting HBR paper on the causes of burnout, with links to the research.


New digs

Got moved to another building at work. Nice view from the balcony.

Here’s the one I started in.

And my favorite part:


PyCon 2018

This is, I think, my fourth? San Jose, Montreal and now Cleveland. Always a great conference and lots of enthusiastic and friendly people. The talks were a bit less expert than I’d like but it is 60% first timers now. City was good, lots of nice buildings downtown and green compared to home.

Public art is always nice.

I did the PyLadies auction again, thanks Greg for taking me in Montreal! Social anxiety is a problem and friendship helps.

Overall good. Lots of companies looking for Python developers.