Christopher Ward C60 Elite 1000

Titanium raw metal

I used to covet the Omega Planet Ocean, in the orange-accent model: The Omega, ref, is $6,450 USD. It’s lovely. This Christophe Ward, ref C60-42ADD3-T0BB0-B0, is $1,680. It has a lot to recommend it, but lets start with pictures. All of these are from their press release. Looks good on a bracelet, doesn’t it? […]

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OWC MS-9411-GD special

Right after I posted my OWC review, Dan sent me this killer picture and I had to share. Wish I’d taken that one. Awesome shot of the 9411 gradient dial right where it belongs.

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You should buy a Scurfa dive watch

TL;DR It’s sold at cost and you literally and actually cannot buy a more legit dive watch. $268 at your door. Framing the narrative Back when diving was dangerous and new, companies like Comex and militaries like the French navy commissioned then-new watches to be used for measuring elapsed dive time. Advances in materials and […]

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