Computer science recommendations

Auto build your code on save with entr

So I’m working on a project at work where I want to rebuild my code whenever I save a source code file. Today I found the tool ‘entr’ and it’s a great thing to learn about. (I should totally send this to Julia Evans!)

All I needed to do is run

ls *.src | entr make

And that’s it. It’ll re-run make every time I save from the editor. Simple, helpful, open source.


It’s 2018 and I still need fsck

File this under “Really?”

That’s my wife’s laptop, spending an hour rebuilding the file system after it got corrupted. I had to know the command-v boot trick and video record it booting (!) to see the error fly by before it auto rebooted, then boot recovery, open a terminal and run fsck with a -r.

Ain’t no way a random user could manage it. Apple! Bash some bugs would ya?