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A story in two posts

I adore a great rant and this one is right up there. Here’s the setup: WPAC, the Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club, is a group of watch addicts trying to help each other wasting money. One of the recurring conversations is that a member posts a prospective watch and the others ritually insult it. This is my favorite so far.

For context, a cyclops is a piece of watch crystal shaped to magnify the date. Rolex pioneered and still uses them, but many dislike a cyclops due to the distorting effects and occlusion of the dial.

Sometimes the bashing is good, and sometimes it’s this good.

Had to share. Thread is here… enjoy.


Damn it’s hot


via Swear Trek

Yeah, sometimes this blog will have swearing. Driving home it was 105F:

2018-07-06 16.35.36.jpg

I made the mistake of playing sand volleyball at noon, and the bottoms of my feet are quite unhappy. I had (be prepared!) sand socks in my bag, but one of the players had just gotten a pedicure.

(A pedicure removes all of the callouses from your feet. Those are what protect you from superheated sand. TIL.)

So I gallantly loaned mine to her and am limping. Ahh well. Forecast says this was the worst day and that it’ll cool down some tomorrow.


It’s 2018 and I still need fsck

File this under “Really?”

That’s my wife’s laptop, spending an hour rebuilding the file system after it got corrupted. I had to know the command-v boot trick and video record it booting (!) to see the error fly by before it auto rebooted, then boot recovery, open a terminal and run fsck with a -r.

Ain’t no way a random user could manage it. Apple! Bash some bugs would ya?