iPad coding

It’s Saturday, and I wanted to do a bit of Python coding. Specifically, I want to use

  • my iPad Pro with keyboard
  • my home Raspberry Pi 4 server
  • a full IDE with Python support

I’ve been 96% happy using my iPad as laptop replacement (note the arbitrary precision! So science-y!) and this is a continuation of that effort. Based on a six colors post, I’ve used the REST endpoint from my power monitor to build an iOS widget using Scriptable:

Today I want to extend that with timestamps. To do so, I need to edit Python (Flask and SQLite) that’s running on my Raspberry Pi.

There are a few ways to code on an iPad, and I’ve bought a few. In this case, I need remote development, where the code is remote and the iPad is a terminal.

Commence the searching! This post was a good start, and I dimly recalled that VS Code had a remote capability, which eventually led me to this post. He links to the code-server project, which in theory can run on my RPi. It looks great:

Well, that doesn’t work. NPM issues. More searching led me to the single-issue raspi-vscode project.

Nope, that fails too:

I found the log file and it appears that there’s no cloud-agent binary for the arm7l on the Raspberry Pi:

This leads to the saddest and loneliest page on the Internet:

Zero results. Gotta leave it there for now, but maybe someone else can move this forward. It’s worth noting that the code-server project now has a new open source project called ‘coder’ but it doesn’t have arm binaries either.