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Cool new fitness tracker

So I know y’all, like me, have Fitness Tracker Burnout. Pebble! Fitbit! Garmin! Apple! Misfit! Jawbone!

(I’ve owned three of those, so I’m right there with you.)

But this, it might still be worthwhile:

Screenshot 2018-05-24 16.21.47

That’s titanium ring with a tracker crammed into it, and according to the MacWorld review it works pretty darn well: three day battery, two colors available, comfortable and basically invisible.

Screenshot 2018-05-24 16.21.55

I’d get the gray version, but for me a ring is much more interesting; even the Apple watch wasn’t able to displace my beloved wristwatches from my wrist forever, and I’m unwilling to wear a watch on one wrist and a tracker on the other.

$199 from Amazon, manufacturer is at, and read the review to learn more. Nifty stuff.

via Motiv Ring Review | Macworld