The Turbowheel Dart 25 mph electric scooter is 1.2 kW worth of fun – Electrek

Via Elektrek, now this is a proper scooter:

With a light show even!

I’ve tried the Bird scooters locally and they’re fun. They zip along well on level ground but with my mass (6’10” 240lbs), they can’t manage the hill that I live on. Those are 250W, most are the Xiomi M365. This beast is almost six times more (peak) power! And suspension and enough lighting to see and be seen.

Elektrek likes it:

It rides like a cloud, basically.

It’s a thousand bucks and 39lbs, but if I can find an excuse I am so wanting to buy one. It’d work for runs to the library and supermarket and such.

Buy one here: