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Select Star SQL

This is an interactive book which aims to be the best place on the internet for learning SQL. It is free of charge, free of ads and doesn’t require registration or downloads. It helps you learn by running queries against a real-world dataset to complete projects of consequence. It is not a mere reference page — it conveys a mental model for writing SQL.

I expect little to no coding knowledge. Each chapter is designed to take about 30 minutes. As more of the world’s data is stored in databases, I expect that this time will pay rich dividends!

Found this on Hacker News yesterday, a beautiful, interactive and free SQL course. Send this to your junior engineers! I’m passable at SQL, and I had a good time working through some of the problems. It’s well structured and uses a very … unusual… data set.

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nifty data science tool

Perhaps for those of you who do Kaggle competitions or just need some data from Wikipedia:

SImilar to my csvs-to-sqlite tool, but sqlitebiter handles “CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/LTSV/Markdown/SQLite/SSV/TSV/Google-Sheets”. Most interestingly, it works against HTML pages—run “sqlitebiter -v url ’’” and it will scrape that Wikipedia page and create a SQLite table for each of the HTML tables it finds there.

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