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Ratcheting/extensible clasps

I was reading OceanicTime: ORIS ProDiver GMT and the last image reminded me:

ORIS ProDiver GMT 06.jpgImage credit: OceanicTime

That’s a nice clasp. If you look close, it has two side buttons, and when pressed you can lengthen or shorten the strap by about 1cm.

This is a brilliant feature and every strap and bracelet should have it.

Here are the ones I’ve seen, reviewed or coveted:

gp-8.jpgImage credit: ABtW

That’s the Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk II, from my review on That was the first time I had ever seen one, as as noted in the review, they’re a damned fine idea.

Rolex introduced their Glidelock (details here) and it’s on several of their models now:

inside_Sub_clasp.jpgImage credit:

I owned a Tudor Pelagos for a while; it has a superb clasp and adds a spring-tensioned mode; probably the best of any design I’ve used:

02-light-and-resistant.jpg Image credit: Tudor

That’s not a great picture, here’s a better one found via Pinterest:

da9f5fbbf3b25068116a6d486cd56907.jpg.pngImage credit: Unknown/Pinterest

It’s more complicated but works better.

The Seiko Marinemaster SBDX001 I owned had one but I disliked it: too thick, sharp bits that poke the wrist and awkward to use.


Omega makes one too, part number 117stz001154, has quite a few fans:

IMG_2792 (1).jpg Image credit: WatchUSeek

IWC Mark XVIII (18) looks elegant:

Image credit: AblogToWatch

Now, with all of those (and others that I’ve missed), you’d think that buying one would be easy.

Or at least possible. Nope. This is one of the very few that I’ve found:

Image credit: Strapcode

It’s just OK, compared to the others, and they want $63 for it, more if you want it in PVD black.

Formex sells clasps designed to work with normal 2-piece watch straps. They’re pricy at $65 to $120. I’ve not seen one in person.

Hey watch companies: Please add these to every bracelet you sell! And the dive straps too.

Update: There’s now an entire site devoted to this, called where ‘tolmia’ stands for ‘tool-less microadjust’.

More please!

By Paul Hubbard

Computer engineer from San Diego. Obsessed with hardware, software, timekeeping and elegance.

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