Poor mans’ Corum Golden Bridge

Screenshot 2018-04-01 18.18.43.png
Image credit: Atto Verticale

Atto Verticale TO/03‘, $352.80. A very unusual baguette movement that was clearly inspired by the Corum:

Screenshot 2018-04-01 18.22.35.png
Image credit: Corum

I’m not a fan of Corum, but for the Golden Bridge I’m happy to make an exception. (Though it’s $$$; out of my budget). The Atto Verticale is interesting, though I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy it after the new wore off. Nice to see some new ideas out there regardless. They sell it in round and rectangular cases, anodized aluminum, different colors for a nice and unusual look.

via Atto Verticale

By Paul Hubbard

Computer engineer from San Diego. Obsessed with hardware, software, timekeeping and elegance.

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