Grand Seiko 9F GMTs are out!

I had written before about these with great anticipation, and ended up getting my first takedown request over it. Heh. Well, the embargo is gone and there are posts on multiple sites complete with nice press images, yay!

Briefly, the first three are out with more to come. One 800-piece limited edition, where the yellow-detail version has improved accuracy to the tune of 5 seconds per year. List price $3,500 for that, $3,200 for the regular editions.



Man I love that one. Subtle dial texture, should be stunning in person. Having had my Seiko with gold accents for a while I think that the yellow would rock.



Basic black. Safe color choice. I wish the others had the white-on-black date wheel that this one has.



That will, I predict, sell quite well. Right between too bold and too boring, and of course blue is super trendy.

All of these are super, versatile watches with features that make a huge difference in utility:

  • Lumed hands and dial. While I love GS hands, I want to be able to read the time at night.
  • Jump-set hour hand, aka travel GMT. Perfect for travel and also great for the idiocy that is daylight savings time.
  • 39mm by 12mm. Should wear like a dream.
  • Drilled 19mm lugs. Workable for strapaholics like me; 20mm straps will sometimes fit.
  • 100m water resistant. (Same as the Rolex of similar design).

These are the closest thing I’ve ever seen for a ‘one watch’. (Assuming, of course, you are OK with quartz). I’m in love.

By Paul Hubbard

Computer engineer from San Diego. Obsessed with hardware, software, timekeeping and elegance.

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