A good argument for fast Internet…

The latest batch of Mac and iOS updates came out this week, and at 1 to 4GB per device, they will load your internet:

Screenshot 2018-09-18 19.04.36

xcode alone is a staggering 3.76GB… damn.

Screenshot 2018-09-18 19.04.56

The two meters are iStatMenus and PeakHour, both paid and both worth your money. You’re seeing the difference in time durations, so PeakHour is showing 64.5MB/sec and iStatMenus is measurig 31.53. The PeakHour measurement is queried from the SNMP counters in the the router. Here’s the full PeakHour setup:

Screenshot 2018-09-18 19.12.37

I have it setup to query the NAS, the router and the managed switch. I mean, why the heck not?

By Paul Hubbard

Computer engineer from San Diego. Obsessed with hardware, software, timekeeping and elegance.

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