F and E Buckles and Bands closing sale

One of my go-to shops for watch bands is the inexpensive F&E Bands. I got the email today that they are closing:

My customers,
I have decided to get out of the watch strap business for good.  I must liquidate my inventory before I close.  In order to do this, I am having a closing sale.  Effective now, all my inventory is 50% off, no exceptions.  All straps, tools, spring bars, etc. are included in this clearance.  Everything is first come first served and everything is final sale.  To get this discount please use the coupon code “Closing” at checkout.  Please note the shipping is not subject to the 50% discount.
Frank Bame
Owner F and E BnB

A shame to lose them, but a large discount for us customers.

Note: Due to my own idiocy, I had the wrong site. And the wrong logo. Which would explain the issues with the discount code. Sorry.

By Paul Hubbard

Computer engineer from San Diego. Obsessed with hardware, software, timekeeping and elegance.

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