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Dangerously intense, prolonged, and humid heatwave for most of California : Weather West

I expect sustained extreme temperatures of this magnitude to produce widespread human health, wildfire, and electrical power supply impacts. Some of these impacts will undoubtedly be amplified by the ongoing pandemic. This will be an event to take quite seriously.

Dangerously intense, prolonged, and humid heatwave for most of California : Weather West

My most-trusted forecast / climate source. It’s going to be really, really bad. I really wish I had bought a couple of Powerwall batteries, so we could keep our food from spoiling if we lose power.

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(29) Fugue on ‘Donald Trump is a Wanker’ – YouTube

Melody from “Seven Nation Army” and rewrite it as a vocal fugue. Genius!

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Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV
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Epidemic/pandemic tracker, courtesy of Johns Hopkins.

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Quantified self

So I bought a heart rate sensor, the Polar OH1 Plus. (Based entirely on this epic review from DC Rainmaker.) I am curious about fitness and have been liking the 0.5Hz readings from the Motiv.

So this new one should provide better data. And it has a VO2 max fitness test, which of course I promptly took:

Yay me!


This week I’ll play more volleyball and see. I like that it’s cheap, accurate and works for all sports including swimming. And DCR like it too, and he’s a much better judge than I am, so consider the OH1+ recommended.

Get one from Amazon for $80 here.

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The world in ultraviolet

After watching this very cool video I went shopping for a UV camera. They are super rare, much harder to find than the infrared camera I got some time ago. I found the Sunscreenr for $80:


There seem to be, at present, none that are iOS compatible, so this was the best option that I could find. It’s took a while to find an Android device from the pile and get it working. (I had to buy a special USB OTG cable to connect my Yubikey for 2FA, really silly!) but its up and working, and friends, the world in UV is weird:

Things to note: My glasses reflecting and blocking UV (just like it says on the tin), skin damage seems more visible, and my light grey car looks almost black. The sky is grey and my daily face sunblock seems pretty good.

So far, it’s money well spent – I’ve already used it as quality control on the kids’ application of sunblock. It’s a good investment if you live someplace as sunny as this.

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Scan Your Feet

Sometimes, a few minutes of time will make a large difference in your life. I’ve got one of those to share. Yesterday at work, the work fitness center brought in two guys from Fleet Feet with their ‘fit id’ foot scanner:

Image credit: Fleet Feet

So you stand on the scanner for a few seconds, and a dozen cameras scan your feet. Science!

For me, I’ve long had problems finding shoes that fit. Size 15, so right there I lose 80% of the brands and stores. Recently I’ve been buying wider shoes as they seem to fit better. However, I learned that my problem isn’t width, I’m actually narrower than average, but I have super high arches and the extra material added to wide shoes helps span the arch of my taller feet.

Well dang. That helps. I’ll try arch supports, that should help as I get back into trail running. The lack of support was apparently why I had Achilles pain; makes sense.

Fleet Feet sends you the results; here’s a link to mine and here is a screenshot:

Screenshot 2018-04-20 08.38.08

Click through the link and you can Explore! My! Feet! In 3D!

Anyway, if you do any running I cannot recommend this enough. It took less than 15 minutes, I got a nice paper note with recommendations for shoes and insoles that should work for me, and the man helping me was super. No sales pitch at all, just helpful advice.


Their locator is here and I would assume that other running shoe stores might have the same system.

Like I said, some times a few minutes of your day makes a huge difference. This is one of them.