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Medium post imported and updated

I imported and extensively edited my Medium post Urban surveillance in San Diego. Medium was an experiment and, while I got picked up by HackerNoon, I hate the monetization that Medium is doing so I imported it here, added more links, FLIR images and a discussion of the law.


Origins of the Soprod A10

I do love a deep dive and a bit of detective work. Over at Musings of a Watch Addict, we have a superb example of both where the author traces Seiko’s ‘new’ 6L35 calibre as introduced in the SJE073:

I’m fine with all these except for 1 thing, this is not a completely new caliber from Seiko Japan. In fact, it was first introduced way back in 2007 as the 4L25 and was finally discontinued in 2013 as the 4L75, before being resurrected in 2018 here as the 6L35.

Image credit: Musings of a Watch Addict

S/he (author is anonymous as per their about page) does a very deep dive that I cannot recommend enough, and from it surmises that Seiko, to my surprise, is the source of the Soprod A10 calibre!

Not surprising, Seiko did succeed to some extent in this as it was thought that Soprod eventually licensed this design from Seiko and produced the Soprod A-10 caliber from this base caliber. Note that neither company have ever acknowledge who really designed the movement and who licensed it.

Well, that’s interesting. Here’s a picture of the A10, as seen in my OWC 6538:

Image credit: Watchbase

Who actually does the hard work of designing movements, where they are made and such are typically among the least disclosed bits of information, so this is a welcome ray of sunshine and well worth your time.

via The “new” Seiko 6L35 caliber introduced in the Presage SJE073J1/SARA015, or is it? | musingsofawatchaddict


New space grey keyboard

I am disproportionately happy about this. I held onto my corded keyboard for years to keep the numeric keys. New one is solid and a joy to use.

The black cable is a nice touch.


Wandering hours with unique lume

Chris found this – a really excellent video of ‘night clock’ from the 1600s.

Now that’s old school.

Watches Wrist shots


Happy Friday! Orange Watch Co 6538, orange Toxic royal strap, and my trusty orange hydro flask.

I really liked how this picture came out – shows the effectiveness of the antireflective coatings as well as the gleam of the applied markers. Those details that you get from a luxury watch.

And yeah, I quite like the color.


Best BaselWorld 2018 roundup

Lots of high-end to ludicrously high-end stuff, via Horological Meandering – The 2018 Basel Report



As phubbard, I am miffed

‘Phubbing’ Is Hurting Your Relationships. Here’s What It Is

via What Is Phubbing? Why It’s Bad for Relationships and Mental Health | Time

phubbing is just too close to my usual phubbard.

Watches Wish lists

Ratcheting/extensible clasps

I was reading OceanicTime: ORIS ProDiver GMT and the last image reminded me:


ORIS ProDiver GMT 06.jpg
Image credit: OceanicTime


That’s a nice clasp. If you look close, it has two side buttons, and when pressed you can lengthen or shorten the strap by about 1cm.

This is a brilliant feature and every strap and bracelet should have it.

Here are the ones I’ve seen, reviewed or coveted:


Image credit: ABtW


That’s the Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk II, from my review on That was the first time I had ever seen one, as as noted in the review, they’re a damned fine idea.

Rolex introduced their Glidelock (details here) and it’s on several of their models now:


Image credit:


I owned a Tudor Pelagos for a while; it has a superb clasp and adds a spring-tensioned mode; probably the best of any design I’ve used:

Image credit: Tudor

That’s not a great picture, here’s a better one found via Pinterest:


Image credit: Unknown/Pinterest

It’s more complicated but works better.

The Seiko Marinemaster SBDX001 I owned had one but I disliked it; too thick, sharp bits that poke the wrist and awkward to use:


Enter a caption

Omega makes one too, part number 117stz001154, has quite a few fans:

IMG_2792 (1).jpg
Image credit: WatchUSeek

Now, with all of those (and others that I’ve missed, IWC for example), you’d think that buying one would be easy.

Or at least possible. Nope. This is one of the very few that I’ve found:

Image credit: Strapcode

It’s just OK, compared to the others, and they want $63 for it, more if you want it in PVD black.

Hey watch companies: Please add these to every bracelet you sell! And the dive straps too.




OWC 6538 today

Soprod A10 (high end stuff) movement, killer anti reflective coatings on both sides of the sapphire, lumed ceramic bezel, beautiful machining and at 40 by 12.9mm, wears great. The 6538 big crown from my friend Dan at OWC. Band is a Toxic Shiznit, modified to remove the extra layer and cut to length.

Both are awesome.

I mean, look at how clean the knurling is and the polish on the sides. The value proposition here is tremendous. I’ve been wearing Dan’s watches for close to a decade, and consider him a close friend, so I’m biased as heck, but damn he makes fine watches.


Two aphorisms


If you change your mind, you are free. Or you were.



Debts of a certain immensity demand betrayal.

‘Vectors’, by James Richardson