Grand Seiko 9F GMTs are out!

I had written before about these with great anticipation, and ended up getting my first takedown request over it. Heh. Well, the embargo is gone and there are posts on multiple sites complete with nice press images, yay!

Briefly, the first three are out with more to come. One 800-piece limited edition, where the yellow-detail version has improved accuracy to the tune of 5 seconds per year. List price $3,500 for that, $3,200 for the regular editions.



Man I love that one. Subtle dial texture, should be stunning in person. Having had my Seiko with gold accents for a while I think that the yellow would rock.



Basic black. Safe color choice. I wish the others had the white-on-black date wheel that this one has.



That will, I predict, sell quite well. Right between too bold and too boring, and of course blue is super trendy.

All of these are super, versatile watches with features that make a huge difference in utility:

  • Lumed hands and dial. While I love GS hands, I want to be able to read the time at night.
  • Jump-set hour hand, aka travel GMT. Perfect for travel and also great for the idiocy that is daylight savings time.
  • 39mm by 12mm. Should wear like a dream.
  • Drilled 19mm lugs. Workable for strapaholics like me; 20mm straps will sometimes fit.
  • 100m water resistant. (Same as the Rolex of similar design).

These are the closest thing I’ve ever seen for a ‘one watch’. (Assuming, of course, you are OK with quartz). I’m in love.

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Basic Seiko

A seiko quartz isn’t going to impress anyone; it’s not a luxury item. More a superb functional with a design that takes time to appreciate.

SNE498. Good indeed.

And I can’t wait for my OWC to get back.

Wrist shots

Next level color coordination

Spiffy, isn’t it? BluShark “AlphaShark Slim” 22mm camel NATO with PVD black hardware. As usual, I trimmed off the extra layer and shortened it to declutter.

I like it. Black on gold paired with the converse is pretty darn spiffy.

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Keep it simple: G-Shock GA-800

I was browsing a while ago and for some reason this caught my eye.

That’s the GA-800. Sixty eight bucks on Amazon.

It’s basic for a G. Analog and digital, a rare second hand, even lume on the hands to match the blue dial illumination. Easy to wear, a bit smaller than most.

It lacks gps, barometer, radio set and solar power. The reverse LCD is hard to read at any off angle. The lume is only on the hands and not the dial, so at night you have to use the overly bright light.

Nevertheless I’m delighted with it, it’s an affordable and deeply fun watch. Easy to read the time, very light and comfortable on wrist, and at this price I didn’t flinch when I bashed it on sandstone last weekend.

If the red is too bold for you, there are other colors including black, some with more legible standard LCDs. It’s easy to find on Amazon or wherever; not a jdm or limited edition.

Here’s where I got mine: G-Shock Men’s GA-800 Red One Size

Watches Wrist shots

Yes Equilibrium

So this arrived today:

That’s the Equilibrium, the new model from Yes Watches. I had a small but prolonged role as an engineering consultant and got to visit Hong Kong twice as part of it. I chose the shiny black titanium case and orange accents because by golly I’m proud and I want you to ask me about it!

It took years of engineering and manufacturing obstacles, and of course a world financial crisis too, that didn’t exactly help. Bjorn et al: ya done great.

And today is tax day, I’m finishing ours on TurboTax, where I work and also have a small role. I’m proud of that, too. 😉

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Quartz, distilled

I’ve magnetized a few watches, which is a pain: the watch will start running fast, which takes a while to notice, and it’s tricky to be sure that magnetism is the cause. I’ve read that you can hold your watch near a compass and if the compass deflects then that’s evidence of induced magnetism and you can then DIY with a demagnetizer coil.

If that reminds you of hand-cranking a car to start the engine, then yeah.

All of which kind of violates the first implicit contract between a watch and its owner: Keep time.

Quartz is much less susceptible, and of course a better keeper of time, so while I wait for the new 9F watches from Seiko, I’ve done some reading.

Image credit: hashhashin on WUS

This is the Casio Oceanus OCW-S100F, in it’s -2AJF flavor. Solar powered, radio set, titanium case with titanium carbide surface finish, available in a few different color ways, most notably IMHO black vs plain metal bezel. From a design perspective, its the least-obtrusive world timer/perpetual calendar I’ve seen, and garners universal praise as a travel watch that won’t get you mugged.

Image credit: verrauxi on TimeZone

I like the metal bezel version, myself (OCW-S100-1AJF). A tiny bit of blued metal detailing on the hands, and notably Casio got Seiko to do the casework using their Zaratsu (tin wheel) polishing, so by all accounts its superbly made and finished.

It’s even got decent lume:

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 8.11.31 AM
Image credit: Seiya

Anyway, if you’re in the market for a watch, worth a look. It’s extraordinary enough to have a 9-page thread on WUS, a glowing review on usually-snobby TimeZone and a rave on WatchTalkForum.

These are JDM, so a bit of a pain to buy:


Coming soon to a WIS near you

So there was a thread on the Seiko forum on WatchUSeek, and these two images turned up, four as-yet-unreleased Grand Seiko quartz watches, 9F calibre, sporting a new GMT complication in a case seemingly identical to the SBGM series. SBGN001G in yellow, B8T007 LE minus the bezel, and SBGN007 for black. Blue is clipped.

A stint of diligent googling and watching the Basel 2018 feeds and there’s no more news yet. Soon, I expect, as part of the anniversary releases this year. Need it? No, but I am super interested anyway, enough to sell one or two to get one… Soon, my pretty, soon…

Update: 007/001 typo, oops.

Update: Timeless has placeholder pages for the SBGN001 and SBGN007, listing the color of the SBGN007 as green. Interesting! List prices are given as $3,500 and $3,200 respectively.

Update 7/30/18: Timeless has pulled their pages, but here’s a German retailer listing the SBGN003, SBGN005 and SBGN007. Soon….

Update 8/31/18: Grand Seiko 9F GMTs are out!

Update 10/30/18More pictures and details