Site news mirrored and shut down

For several years, I created and maintained a Wiki-based site called It was a fun exercise, and I still like how well wikis work for this sort of heavily-lined content, but as of Sep 2019 I’ve taken it down. I exported the entire site as HTML and am hosting it for your reference on my server. Most of the content is less relevant, e.g. current vendor lists, but perhaps after being indexed it might sometimes be useful.

If I am ever bed-ridden but able to type, I’ll tackle the task of collating watch lists and reviews. There are a lot of them and my hobby time is limited; for now I’ll content myself with the archive.

Please note that, in a shitty display of lost data and missing features, Confluence cannot export blog posts so all of my hard work there is just lost. Yeah, I’m angry too. Another reason to stop paying Atlassian.

Update: Well goddamn it. I can’t see blog entries older than 2011, even though they’re available via URL. Hey Atlassian, this sucks.