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Pistachios and cashews are gangster

Imagine yourself a sea captain, sailing from port to port with cargos of food. Which ones are a risk?

So a cargo of pistachios seems harmless, doesn’t it? It’s totally not – they can suffocate you, set themselves on fire in two different ways and might, for bonus hazard points, explode.

Cashews? They’re covered in toxic irritant irushiol, which has to be burned off before they’re safe for consumption. That’s why you’ll never see cashews in-shell.

I learned both of these and more at the latest issue of The Whippet, which I recommend to you. S/he finds interesting stuff.

Food recommendations

An random Sunday morning will find us at the Hillcrest farmers market. Been going for about 14 years now.


Your Chicken’s Salmonella Problem Is Worse Than You Think – Mother Jones

But cooking chicken to the well-done stage doesn’t necessarily protect consumers from salmonella poisoning. Cross-contamination—say, using the same knife and board to cut carrots for a raw salad that you just used to slice chicken—is probably a more common cause of salmonella poisoning than undercooking, according to a 2009 study from a researcher at Germany’s Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety. And Americans are awful at taking proper steps in the kitchen to protect themselves from bacterial pathogens. A recent FSIS observational study found that people performing tasks like cutting poultry “failed to successfully wash their hands 97 percent of the times they should have.”

If, like us, you buy your chicken precut, take the time to read this and change how you cook.

via Your Chicken’s Salmonella Problem Is Worse Than You Think – Mother Jones

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After a few years of practice, I’m pretty happy with my skills at breakfasts. Ten minute oats, fruit, nuts and some strong coffee.