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Cat and Girl

Every now and then this strip makes my day.

Cat and Girl-2018.07.11.gif

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Impact of Open Offices on Collaboration | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences


Organizations’ pursuit of increased workplace collaboration has led managers to transform traditional office spaces into ‘open’, transparency-enhancing architectures with fewer walls, doors and other spatial boundaries, yet there is scant direct empirical research on how human interaction patterns change as a result of these architectural changes. In two intervention-based field studies of corporate headquarters transitioning to more open office spaces, we empirically examined—using digital data from advanced wearable devices and from electronic communication servers—the effect of open office architectures on employees’ face-to-face, email and instant messaging (IM) interaction patterns. Contrary to common belief, the volume of face-to-face interaction decreased significantly (approx. 70%) in both cases, with an associated increase in electronic interaction. In short, rather than prompting increasingly vibrant face-to-face collaboration, open architecture appeared to trigger a natural human response to socially withdraw from officemates and interact instead over email and IM. This is the first study to empirically measure both face-to-face and electronic interaction before and after the adoption of open office architecture. The results inform our understanding of the impact on human behaviour of workspaces that trend towards fewer spatial boundaries.

This article is part of the theme issue ‘Interdisciplinary approaches for uncovering the impacts of architecture on collective behaviour’.

I have an intense dislike of open-plan offices, and this research result surprises me not at all. If you’re trying to focus, noise and motion are terrible.

But they’re great for micromanagement and management by walking around. And they save money. And nothing reinforces the hierarchy like seeing who retains an office and who gets chucked out into the pit.

Update 8/8/18: Here’s a nice PBS NewsHour video covering the findings.

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Unfinished Work

This is 100% true:


(though commenting your source code is a big help.)

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Welcome to the age of anger | Pankaj Mishra | Politics | The Guardian

Such breast-beating amounts to a truly irrational demand: that the present abolish itself, making way for a return to the past. Ideally, to the time when paternalistic white liberals occupied the vital centre, little disturbed by the needs and desires of history’s forgotten, humiliated and silenced people.

A good and thought-provoking read.

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guptarohit/asciigraph: Go package to make lightweight ASCII line graph ╭┈╯ in command line apps with no other dependencies.

Go package to make lightweight ASCII line graphs ╭┈╯.

I must find a way to use this. So cool.

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The Remaking of Class | The New Republicp

It suggests that there have always been many Americans for whom class is no mystery at all, but a very practical project of self-advancement and self-defense.

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Well worth your time to read.

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Cool new fitness tracker

So I know y’all, like me, have Fitness Tracker Burnout. Pebble! Fitbit! Garmin! Apple! Misfit! Jawbone!

(I’ve owned three of those, so I’m right there with you.)

But this, it might still be worthwhile:

Screenshot 2018-05-24 16.21.47

That’s titanium ring with a tracker crammed into it, and according to the MacWorld review it works pretty darn well: three day battery, two colors available, comfortable and basically invisible.

Screenshot 2018-05-24 16.21.55

I’d get the gray version, but for me a ring is much more interesting; even the Apple watch wasn’t able to displace my beloved wristwatches from my wrist forever, and I’m unwilling to wear a watch on one wrist and a tracker on the other.

$199 from Amazon, manufacturer is at, and read the review to learn more. Nifty stuff.

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“Office of Mayhem Evaluation”

My sister found this one – thanks, Susan! Follow the link for the explanation.

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nifty data science tool

Perhaps for those of you who do Kaggle competitions or just need some data from Wikipedia:

SImilar to my csvs-to-sqlite tool, but sqlitebiter handles “CSV/Excel/HTML/JSON/LTSV/Markdown/SQLite/SSV/TSV/Google-Sheets”. Most interestingly, it works against HTML pages—run “sqlitebiter -v url ’’” and it will scrape that Wikipedia page and create a SQLite table for each of the HTML tables it finds there.

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